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Offi & Co.

Offi is discontinuing a large number of items, and clearing them out at steeply reduced prices. Supplies are limited, so order soon!

Some of these products are only offered on Pure Design Online, others only on Pure Design Kids. Products include:

Ply Grid $ 299.00 $ 209.00
Hide-n-Sit Armchair $ 149.00 $ 104.00
Puzzle Chair $ 149.00 $ 49.00
Molded Ply CPU Skateboard $ 129.00 $ 64.00
Flare Tower Lamp - Short $ 129.00 $ 64.00
Zig Zig Lamp $ 99.00 $ 49.00
Tote Table - Pink $ 99.00 $ 69.00
MyPetLamp - HoweePup $ 79.00 $ 55.00
MyPetLamp - Duckling $ 79.00 $ 39.00
MyPetLamp - Piggy $ 79.00 $ 39.00
EVA Minis (SET OF 2) $ 25.00 $ 14.80
iPot Portable Plantable Lamp $ 19.00 $ 9.00
3N1 Desktop Accessory $ 19.00 $ 9.00

OFFI & Company was launched in 1997 out of a love for great design. This passion is satisfied by creating simple, beautiful, and practical furnishings that address the contemporary lifestyle. OFFI products are created to be multifunctional, comfortable, and suitable for any and every modern family.

By guiding and nurturing a group of independent international designers such as Scott Wilson, Karim Rashid, Eric Pfeiffer, TRUCK Product Architecture, Roberto Gil, and Tarantino Design, OFFI has launched more than 100 fresh, new products over the last 14 years. OFFI has won several prestigious awards for furniture design, and so have OFFI designers!

Now offering work surfaces, lounge seating, storage solutions, organization accessories, and a growing "kids" collection, we are committed to delivering great design by continually creating the most innovative furniture solutions for the modern urban lifestyle.

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3N1 Desktop Accessory
Arp 24

Arp 30
Aztec Pillow

Girl Walking Pillow

Jim Barstool 30

Mag Table
Mini Bent Ply Stand

"W" Magazine Stand
Momo Bench

MyPetLamp - Dachshund
MyPetLamp - HoweePup

MyPetLamp - Siamese
Overlap Tray

Perf Boxes
Scando Table

Tiki Stool
MyPetLamp - Duckling


MyPetLamp - Piggy

Fold Tray
Zig Zig

Flare Tower Short
CPU Skateboard

Hugo Pot
Conic Pot

Tote Table

Mod Lounger

Birch Bench Box
Walnut Bench Box

Teenager Chair
Embrace Table

Bloom Stool
Bloom Bar Stool

White HPL Bench Box
Low Rider Lounge Chair

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