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Modern Twist

Modern-twist, based in San Francisco/Oakland, thrives on the great culturally-diverse community of the Bay Area that is passionate about the planet, our similarities, and our differences. A pioneer in the use of food-grade, hand-silkscreened silicone, m-t brings art to the table by working with independent designers. Modern-twist home accessories provide an unmatched elegance and ingenuity in the use of silicone.

Kat Nouri, Modern-twist's founder and creative director, grew up in a community that was passionate about nutrition, spirituality, and organic farming. Raised by a world-class athlete/ produce importer and a spiritual Nutritionist, Kat has carried on the values that food, its preparation, and the gatherings of it bring together people of all walks of life.

What you eat is certainly as important as what you eat on! Modern-twist products are free of BPA, latex + chemicals, and leave a minimal foot print. We constantly strive for new ways to bring eco-conscious to the market and provide better options for our everyday choices. Through design, we can inspire people to do the right thing for our families, community, and planet.

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